Sam Berns…. Beautiful Soul

Hello my lovely friends….
                              How are you all doing? Sam Bern ..a person who has been died due to the disease progeria. He was born on October 23rd, 1996 to Scott Berns and Leslie Gordon  and went back to god on January 10th, 2014. i came across this video today and was in love with his thoughts and i was eager to know about him and found that he is no more. Even though he is not available with us today but his smiling face is an evergreen one and his way of philosophy towards happy life that is available on you tube is a video that everyone must watch. At his tender age he has lost his life but his words and his smile are never ending..
so here are the pictures of this beautiful soul… 🙂 today i am really grateful….


Here is the ideas that he has said in his video on ted x talks… and my views…
1.Be okay with what you ultimately can’t do , because there is so much you can do….
some might think they could capture higher position with in a day but the result is .. there will be no result as consistency and will power should be there. there are a few things that we may can’t do and there is no need to worry as there are many other things that we can do … and we can help others.
2. Surround yourself with people you want to be around….
        now there is an energy in all of us and that is the positive energy which makes our life happy and awesome. I know always we can’t be happy but when we are with our well wishers , family and friends that support us then believe me we are the winners of our life. we may have every thing but the love and support is the ultimate goal that we live for .

3.Keep moving forward….
      no matter what ever happens in our life happens for a reason we might not know why it had happened only to us but later we will realize and move forward in our life. Never stop your life thinking you are not worthy.Remember we were born here for a reason if something good is not happening instead of thinking why ? you can think the solution to the problem.

4. Never miss a party if you can help it….
     trust me we all are busy in every day work and we might feel what will i do going out to party who will recognize me , anyway i can focus more on my work . then you are thinking wrong cause party may be a huge one or a small one but we can enjoy to the fullest and make our mind relax and say dude you need to chill out. we can meet new people who will become our true friends who knows what will happen . you may make that party beautiful in your own way. so, give your best

so these are the views that i got in my mind after watching his video. he is a beautiful soul and i have to say i love him . he is having greater potential than many of us. so what do you all think about this post let me know in the comment and yeah if you think this post is helpful for you then help for others as help may be small one or a huge one but it means a lot to that person and stand for them . so that’s it for today i think my tears won’t stop now… bye bye
thank you all,
with love…
siri 🙂


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