Twisted Rose Braid Updo

Hello my lovely friends…

how are you all doing? it’s a blissful day for me as i have  chatted with my friend after many days. As she is somewhat busy but i am quite happy she had took time to remember me. For that beautiful lady and to many of the best friends out there i am going to share a picture dedicated to all friends… 🙂


                so lets get into the topic. today i am sharing the twisted rose braid updo… let’s get it step by step 🙂

1. Comb you hair…

comb your hair so that there will not be any splits as we are doing rose updo so the hair hair should be combed in a perfect way .

1 st step.JPG

2. Twist and turn it in a rose shape…

                                   here we will be  making hair in sections and there will be 5 sections. first of all we will be taking the first section as you can see in the picture and twist and roll it . Now that you have rolled it so you will be making that come at the center position of your head and you will making a round of that twisted section. be sure that it is secured properly with the pins. same you will be doing with the other side of your hair and you will be rolling it over the first one and in a perfect way secure it. that’s it the first rose has been made.

2  nd step.JPG

3. Same twist and turn for the second part

                         as i have said the same easy twist and turn you will be doing with your hair and pin it in a secured way .


4. last updo…

so you will be coming to last section of this part and here you will be there with last sectional part of your hair . Now you will be making a braid and as you have made it till the end you will again fold it in the same similar way. It will be looking like a small rose . Have a look at it and be sure to secure hair with the pins.

4 th step.JPG

5. Ready to shine

                          now that’s it easy updo is over and you are ready to shine and i really love this look and it will be perfect for party times too… 🙂


so, how it is looking like… if you love this hair updo then don’t forget to give thumb’s up for this post and comment for sure if you want to share any more tips . that’s it for today love you all take care bye bye… 🙂
oh wait i forgot i have done a video too and posted it on the you tube if you like that video then do subscribe to my channel for more videos… here is the link …




                                                                                  THANK YOU ALL….




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