Hello my lovely friends….

How are you all doing? right now its cool weather over here . When you just get up in the morning and watch that lemon water is still there in fridge then trust me my morning is a beautiful one for me.  what about you ? okay i know what you are thinking and that is the topic is about maxi dresses and not about lemon water siri… i know . so, lets get into the topic.

It may be any season and it may be party time or office time or any time maxi dresses look amazing. you may be short or tall these maxi dresses make you feel comfortable and represent you in a beautiful way. you know that i love to share the pictures first and talk about them later. so here it is.GORGEOUS MAXI DRESSES.JPG

                               Don’t they look beautiful and make you feel that you should have at least one maxi dress in your wardrobe then what you are waiting for? go and grab them and i must say they are also available in reasonable prices depending upon your view. you want to see more wait i will be posting those. so here they are…maxi dresses.JPG

so how are they looking and yeah i will be sharing tips too down below…

  • if you are going to attend a party and want to wear maxi dress then pumps lita and gladiators give a perfect match to them . Heavy jewelry may look odd on maxi dresses so be aware. clutches look amazing with these.
  • CASUAL AND STYLISH LOOK: these days we love to catch up with old friends and go to tours . Then these maxi’s look beautiful on you. you can choose sleeveless or long sleeves and try wearing leather jackets and silver jewelry as they give perfect match to these maxi’s . Jelly and Mary Jane’s look perfect on them. 
  • SKIN TONES : so some may think maxi’s are nice but they may not look great on me then leave all those doubts away as they give you great look . it depends on your color equation and define if you are summer , winter or neutral and mix that with some neutral and geometrical type of maxi’s. If you think that you are somewhat thin or fat then also no need to worry maxi will not make you feel awkward but you should be aware of what type of maxi dress go with you. if you are slim go with maxi’s that are made up of jean or thick cloth. if you are somewhat fat go with floral or geometrical type of maxi’s. if you think you are  short then go with stripes . i have to say i love stripes.
  • OFFICE GOING : you can wear them while you are going to office but don’t wear heavy jewelry . But try to wear dark colors and collar neck with front buttons .Go with wedge heels and clogs. 

these are some tips i want to share with you all . if you think this post will help you then don’t forget to give thumbs’up to this post and do comment below . I would love to read comments and enjoy your day. oops! sorry i forgot to share today’s morning view with you all….IMG_20161105_054949_1.jpg
enjoy your day …..

                                                          Thank you all……….
with love…
siri… 🙂


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