OOTD: green saree and beautiful jewellery

hello my lovely friends….

 how are you all doing? today is the first day i am going to share ootd… and also i am going to share the video that i shared on you tube . So, lets get started . wait why i am wearing saree …. cause it’s my friend’s wedding and please do wish she is going to have fabulous wedding life. 

                                      OOTD IMAGE.JPG
                                                                    some what different attire right? anyway let me explain and i will be sharing some pictures that i took . 

  1. GREEN SAREE : so this is my mom’s saree and they have given perfect border as you can see they have given shiny golden  border 
  2. BEAUTIFUL EARRINGS : as you know i love earrings as they add beauty to your look. so they have arranged white stones and given perfect look to it.
  3. NECKLACE SET : i have to say flipkart has helped me well cause they ship the items on time and if they are delayed also we get to know the reason. coming to the necklace i was like wow how beautifully they have arranged it and my mom said i will teach you on how to prepare it . so a d.i.y is going to be published within this month .
  4. HAND RINGS : i am wearing rings that are gift from my mom and gift from me myself. i must say my mom knows what is best for me always. and as you can see they have given white stone arrangements and i wear it daily. and the one is given with a beautiful love symbol in the middle. 
  5. SHINY BANGLES AND BEAUTIFUL BRACELET : so i must say i am in love with these bangles cause they are gift from my aunt and she had made it by herself. so these bangles have crystal beads and white stones and in the middle i wore glass bangles and coming to the bracelet i got it last year and it is somewhat loose for me but always give me a perfect look on functions they have arranged white stones in the middle. 
                                      so how they are looking like? so down below i am sharing my selfie pictures 🙂


                                                hope you all like this post and don’t forget to comment as i love reading your comments and if you want to know why my friends helped me then you have to watch the video … i am uploading the link down below and yeah don’t forget to watch it as it’s some what funny 🙂

                                          i wish you all have a great day ahead… love you all take care bye bye 
                                                     thank you…….
with love…
siri 🙂


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