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so how are you all doing? i wish you all have wonderful day ahead…. so today’s post is about the dub smashes that i have made. before sharing them with you all i have to say first i thought that  people will keep some music on other phone and do action in front of camera but later i got through this app and i was like what the hell i am thinking. Any way i have shared my dubs on youtube hope you will enjoy those videos and tell your views 🙂 🙂 

so here are they

and the next one is 


hope you enjoy these videos

thank you 🙂

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OOTD: green saree and beautiful jewellery

hello my lovely friends….

 how are you all doing? today is the first day i am going to share ootd… and also i am going to share the video that i shared on you tube . So, lets get started . wait why i am wearing saree …. cause it’s my friend’s wedding and please do wish she is going to have fabulous wedding life. 

                                      OOTD IMAGE.JPG
                                                                    some what different attire right? anyway let me explain and i will be sharing some pictures that i took . 

  1. GREEN SAREE : so this is my mom’s saree and they have given perfect border as you can see they have given shiny golden  border 
  2. BEAUTIFUL EARRINGS : as you know i love earrings as they add beauty to your look. so they have arranged white stones and given perfect look to it.
  3. NECKLACE SET : i have to say flipkart has helped me well cause they ship the items on time and if they are delayed also we get to know the reason. coming to the necklace i was like wow how beautifully they have arranged it and my mom said i will teach you on how to prepare it . so a d.i.y is going to be published within this month .
  4. HAND RINGS : i am wearing rings that are gift from my mom and gift from me myself. i must say my mom knows what is best for me always. and as you can see they have given white stone arrangements and i wear it daily. and the one is given with a beautiful love symbol in the middle. 
  5. SHINY BANGLES AND BEAUTIFUL BRACELET : so i must say i am in love with these bangles cause they are gift from my aunt and she had made it by herself. so these bangles have crystal beads and white stones and in the middle i wore glass bangles and coming to the bracelet i got it last year and it is somewhat loose for me but always give me a perfect look on functions they have arranged white stones in the middle. 
                                      so how they are looking like? so down below i am sharing my selfie pictures 🙂


                                                hope you all like this post and don’t forget to comment as i love reading your comments and if you want to know why my friends helped me then you have to watch the video … i am uploading the link down below and yeah don’t forget to watch it as it’s some what funny 🙂

                                          i wish you all have a great day ahead… love you all take care bye bye 
                                                     thank you…….
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Hello my lovely friends….

How are you all doing? right now its cool weather over here . When you just get up in the morning and watch that lemon water is still there in fridge then trust me my morning is a beautiful one for me.  what about you ? okay i know what you are thinking and that is the topic is about maxi dresses and not about lemon water siri… i know . so, lets get into the topic.

It may be any season and it may be party time or office time or any time maxi dresses look amazing. you may be short or tall these maxi dresses make you feel comfortable and represent you in a beautiful way. you know that i love to share the pictures first and talk about them later. so here it is.GORGEOUS MAXI DRESSES.JPG

                               Don’t they look beautiful and make you feel that you should have at least one maxi dress in your wardrobe then what you are waiting for? go and grab them and i must say they are also available in reasonable prices depending upon your view. you want to see more wait i will be posting those. so here they are…maxi dresses.JPG

so how are they looking and yeah i will be sharing tips too down below…

  • if you are going to attend a party and want to wear maxi dress then pumps lita and gladiators give a perfect match to them . Heavy jewelry may look odd on maxi dresses so be aware. clutches look amazing with these.
  • CASUAL AND STYLISH LOOK: these days we love to catch up with old friends and go to tours . Then these maxi’s look beautiful on you. you can choose sleeveless or long sleeves and try wearing leather jackets and silver jewelry as they give perfect match to these maxi’s . Jelly and Mary Jane’s look perfect on them. 
  • SKIN TONES : so some may think maxi’s are nice but they may not look great on me then leave all those doubts away as they give you great look . it depends on your color equation and define if you are summer , winter or neutral and mix that with some neutral and geometrical type of maxi’s. If you think that you are somewhat thin or fat then also no need to worry maxi will not make you feel awkward but you should be aware of what type of maxi dress go with you. if you are slim go with maxi’s that are made up of jean or thick cloth. if you are somewhat fat go with floral or geometrical type of maxi’s. if you think you are  short then go with stripes . i have to say i love stripes.
  • OFFICE GOING : you can wear them while you are going to office but don’t wear heavy jewelry . But try to wear dark colors and collar neck with front buttons .Go with wedge heels and clogs. 

these are some tips i want to share with you all . if you think this post will help you then don’t forget to give thumbs’up to this post and do comment below . I would love to read comments and enjoy your day. oops! sorry i forgot to share today’s morning view with you all….IMG_20161105_054949_1.jpg
enjoy your day …..

                                                          Thank you all……….
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Twisted Rose Braid Updo

Hello my lovely friends…

how are you all doing? it’s a blissful day for me as i have  chatted with my friend after many days. As she is somewhat busy but i am quite happy she had took time to remember me. For that beautiful lady and to many of the best friends out there i am going to share a picture dedicated to all friends… 🙂


                so lets get into the topic. today i am sharing the twisted rose braid updo… let’s get it step by step 🙂

1. Comb you hair…

comb your hair so that there will not be any splits as we are doing rose updo so the hair hair should be combed in a perfect way .

1 st step.JPG

2. Twist and turn it in a rose shape…

                                   here we will be  making hair in sections and there will be 5 sections. first of all we will be taking the first section as you can see in the picture and twist and roll it . Now that you have rolled it so you will be making that come at the center position of your head and you will making a round of that twisted section. be sure that it is secured properly with the pins. same you will be doing with the other side of your hair and you will be rolling it over the first one and in a perfect way secure it. that’s it the first rose has been made.

2  nd step.JPG

3. Same twist and turn for the second part

                         as i have said the same easy twist and turn you will be doing with your hair and pin it in a secured way .


4. last updo…

so you will be coming to last section of this part and here you will be there with last sectional part of your hair . Now you will be making a braid and as you have made it till the end you will again fold it in the same similar way. It will be looking like a small rose . Have a look at it and be sure to secure hair with the pins.

4 th step.JPG

5. Ready to shine

                          now that’s it easy updo is over and you are ready to shine and i really love this look and it will be perfect for party times too… 🙂


so, how it is looking like… if you love this hair updo then don’t forget to give thumb’s up for this post and comment for sure if you want to share any more tips . that’s it for today love you all take care bye bye… 🙂
oh wait i forgot i have done a video too and posted it on the you tube if you like that video then do subscribe to my channel for more videos… here is the link …




                                                                                  THANK YOU ALL….



Himalaya Neem Face Pack

Hello my lovely friends….
        How are you all doing?  Today is like a refreshing day for me as the climate is so cool and awesome. Let me tell you the sunsets are becoming beautiful here and day by day i was falling in love with that. Actually i wanted to share the picture with you all too… so here it is


             Anyway i think i have drifted my mind from one topic to the other one. Monkey mind we can’t do anything. so, this post is about my favorite face pack. I must say i have already used Himalaya product and that is Himalaya kesar face pack and the result is not the one that i have expected as my skin can’t able to tolerate scrub and face washes. the product is good one but it’s not suitable for me . So, i was away from that for few months . Some 5 weeks ago i went for shopping and again had my look on Himalaya products the thing that attracts me is they are more organic than many other beauty products and i have seen Himalaya neem face pack and i thought if my skin will not tolerate then i will only be the sufferer but, i made a move and bought it to my home. So this is the small journey of my favorite product that took place recently.

            So , lets get into the details……this products name is purifying Neem Pack  and the tag line is normal to oily skin . So it’s good for all skin tones. the smell is some what good as it’s of natural product . The main ingredients they use in this one is neem & turmeric . I am also giving a tip here if you want to use home made remedy to make your skin look beautiful and pimple free then use the combination of neem, turmeric and honey mixture it will make your skin look beautiful. Here is the picture of the producthimalaya 1.JPG
                              It is of 50 g and it comes with an opener at the end. and yeah it is of 100%herbal activities. I think you can see that at the down they have mentioned that it deep cleanses & purifies for clear, problem-free skin. I have to say it is trustworthy . I am also posting another picture which gives backside view of this product. 


I too have turned it back. They have given the message about this product i want to make it short and simple . it will make your skin oil free and cleans the affected skin and prevents recurrence of pimples these are the things that happened to me. They have also given about the importance of main ingredients and i will be writing them in point wise on their actions on our skin.

  1. NEEM :  it purifies our skin and prevents pimples and it has vitamin E which also helps to make our skin look more beautiful and prevents aging and wrinkles.
  2. TURMERIC : It is having vitamin C in it and it will make your skin look glowing and it removes acne causing bacteria from your skin.
  3. FULLER’S EARTH (MULTANI MITTI ) :  it cools your skin and soothes your affected skin . it improves your skin texture and leaves your skin clear and pimple free.

                                        Let me show you how the paste looks . its like somewhat diluted and thick and it dries with in 15 minutes  as they have mentioned .himalaya paste.jpg


 I am sharing what they have mentioned on this product. Apply it over cleansed face and neck , avoiding the area around the eyes . allow it to dry 10-15 minutes. remove it with wet sponge and wash it with cool water. use once or twice in a week. ***  DO NOT APPLY ON BROKEN OR INFLAMED SKIN*** . they have not mentioned it in between the asterisk but i have mentioned cause eyes we understand but some of us might think it will also purify inflamed or broken skin too but no it will give itchy and scars so don’t use it on that places.

                                                 i have used it in the same way but instead of sponge i mean wet sponge i have used cotton cloth and rose water as i believe rose water will make our skin soft and glowing. cotton cloth i have used why because our face skin is soft and it can’t bear harshness but it’s bearing due to pollution and many things. cotton makes our skin feel comfortable.rose water and cotten cloth.JPG
                                             Yeah i forgot that it may cause some tingling sensation due to herbal active ingredients , which is normal. it will go off with in few minutes.

                                          So my review on this product is it is awesome as the first thing is i have found a face pack that is suitable for my skin. it makes my skin look brighter and clearer and it has reduced my pimples by the next day and i think it’s good as many will give results after some weeks of usage but this one is like some what instant. the last and final thing is… it is available just at          70 rs/- . Good product that too available at low price somewhat interesting for me. Don’t go by my words you too check this product if it is helpful for you then only use it. As we all have different skin tones and problems. Who knows some other product may work best for you .

Let me know what you all think in the comment box as i would love to read your comments . If you have any more products you want to suggest just comment below and if you find this post is helpful for you don’t forget to give thumb’s up for this post. Bye bye… have a safe and happy day i am going  to eat my supper .

                        Thank you all….

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Sam Berns…. Beautiful Soul

Hello my lovely friends….
                              How are you all doing? Sam Bern ..a person who has been died due to the disease progeria. He was born on October 23rd, 1996 to Scott Berns and Leslie Gordon  and went back to god on January 10th, 2014. i came across this video today and was in love with his thoughts and i was eager to know about him and found that he is no more. Even though he is not available with us today but his smiling face is an evergreen one and his way of philosophy towards happy life that is available on you tube is a video that everyone must watch. At his tender age he has lost his life but his words and his smile are never ending..
so here are the pictures of this beautiful soul… 🙂 today i am really grateful….


Here is the ideas that he has said in his video on ted x talks… and my views…
1.Be okay with what you ultimately can’t do , because there is so much you can do….
some might think they could capture higher position with in a day but the result is .. there will be no result as consistency and will power should be there. there are a few things that we may can’t do and there is no need to worry as there are many other things that we can do … and we can help others.
2. Surround yourself with people you want to be around….
        now there is an energy in all of us and that is the positive energy which makes our life happy and awesome. I know always we can’t be happy but when we are with our well wishers , family and friends that support us then believe me we are the winners of our life. we may have every thing but the love and support is the ultimate goal that we live for .

3.Keep moving forward….
      no matter what ever happens in our life happens for a reason we might not know why it had happened only to us but later we will realize and move forward in our life. Never stop your life thinking you are not worthy.Remember we were born here for a reason if something good is not happening instead of thinking why ? you can think the solution to the problem.

4. Never miss a party if you can help it….
     trust me we all are busy in every day work and we might feel what will i do going out to party who will recognize me , anyway i can focus more on my work . then you are thinking wrong cause party may be a huge one or a small one but we can enjoy to the fullest and make our mind relax and say dude you need to chill out. we can meet new people who will become our true friends who knows what will happen . you may make that party beautiful in your own way. so, give your best

so these are the views that i got in my mind after watching his video. he is a beautiful soul and i have to say i love him . he is having greater potential than many of us. so what do you all think about this post let me know in the comment and yeah if you think this post is helpful for you then help for others as help may be small one or a huge one but it means a lot to that person and stand for them . so that’s it for today i think my tears won’t stop now… bye bye
thank you all,
with love…
siri 🙂

Romantic Rose Gypsy top & Bubble Skirt

Hello my lovely friends….
             how are you all doing ? i wish you all to have a great day ahead . so,today is also a festival for us and i am happy as i can eat my favorite sweets . well,i am going out of the topic as placed in the title i have made a collage of gypsy top and bubble pleated skirt. so have a look at it…gypsy-top-and-bubble-pleated-skirt

                Today’s color that i love is romantic rose as it gives a beautiful and charming look on anyone . All of you know that i just love floral prints why? i don’t know but i gives a beautiful look. so, lets get into the description..
               gypsy floral top which is a combination of many colors with a scoop neckline .i think it looks great on jeans or on skirts . first i thought pencil cut skirt will look great with it but then i thought that why not bubble skirt so i have arranged them and i was like it gives a beautiful look . so, the skirt is a bubble pleated skirt in romantic rose color .
                      so, the studs and necklace that i have placed with this beautiful combination is a stud with a bow on the top and they are also a multi color combination. coming to the necklace it is a beautiful rose gold chain with love symbol and Eiffel tower pendant looks great .here is that combo chain-and-studs
now with this combo i also have added watch and ring which are rose gold watch and rose quartz studded silver ring. so have a look at them …. beautiful right
watch and ring.JPG  coming to the heels and nail art i have placed romantic rose kitten heels and the nail art is combo of romantic rose nail color with white and black check shape i thought some other color combination would be great but now after viewing this beautiful nail art i got my view that this looks amazing. so, have a look…
kitten heel and nail art.JPG                i love this combination what about you all? if you think that this combination is beautiful don’t forget to like this post and please leave your comment on this combination as i would love to read them. so, that’s it i have to rush to my institute bye bye
Thank you all,
with love…
siri… 🙂