Cheese macaroni pasta

Hello my lovely friends…

         How are you all doing? Today I went for some grocery shopping and then I came across my favorite pasta… And that is the one you have read in the title. And, I just love this pasta it tastes so yummy…. And this is the product of maggi…. From childhood onwards love maggi one of the reason is it tastes delicious…

So now I am sharing the picture ….

So here is the back side picture where it describes the nutrition value and how to make the instant pasta….

         They give a masala packet in it which gives a delicious taste….

So now how I cooked the pasta in my own way is…

1/4 the cup of chopped onion and cabbage

1 tea spoon of salt and mirchi powder

1 lemon 

Some coriander leaves

2tea spoons oil

Masala packet that they give with in the pack

Small cup or 5 tea spoons milk 

Now the procedure…

   I have fryed cabbage and onions in a bowl by keeping the heat with in semi flame and then added 1/2 teaspoon of salt and 1/2 teaspoon of mirchi powder and then I added masala powder and fryed them and then added water and to it be sure not to addbmore amount of water and then to it I have added milk and coriander leaves and then I have used lemon juice . now I raised the heat flame . don’t forget to stir it well as the whole mixture should be mixed well…


Now as it came to end nice smell will come ….. And now serve that in a plate and garnish it with coriander and onion slices and sprinkle some lemon juice on it . that’s it delicious pasta will be readied with in few minutes….

This is the picture of the pasta that I have cooked…

   So this is it guys…. Right now I am so hungry so I have to go…. Have a nice day and yes if you like this post then don’t forget to give thumbs up. And if you have any further tips then share with me in the comment box….

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veg puff & Black forest pastry

Hello my lovely friends…

        How are you all doing ? So today I want to share what I had eaten today… Where to start… Hmmm… I went to attend interview today actually for teaching kids and at the first place where I and my friend went there is no vacancy and we were like oh god..!!. Now what to do? And then we walked like that for a while searching for schools where we can go and try our best on tje way we thought how great  are those people who have at least a small job to do… Hopes are again high for us and we laughed at funny jokes that we made thinking about college life and then we have seen a school and we went there and we decided to try our best. And the result is they said we will be placed in that school after the demo classes and we were like thank god. I know my real goal is software job but we have to wait for our big dreams to come true. So guys never feel low about your dreams . small ways actually lead to great paths… Okay now we secured our small dream I and my friend thought about how hungry we are so we went to Cake  walk… 

            there I was full of energy as I am really fond of food but I eat in limit or else god knows how I will look 😀 . so, as I said in the title I have ordered my favorite food items 

So have a look at them…

              Now I have to say what happened there I was full of hungry so I ate the puff  fastly and the result is my tongue got hurt as its too hot …..!!! So patience always rules …. Haha…

             This pastry I must say I just love it…. Its so tasty I think most of you also like this pastry…

           And yes I have eaten a little bit as I said I was hungry so this is my hustle bustle around the interview and eating yummy food..

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Healthy breakfast for a healthy day

Hello my lovely friends….

       How are you all doing ? So today I am going to share my favorite breakfast that helps me to stay fit and healthy and that is… I think many had guessed it yeah I am talking about oats….

Here is today’s breakfast pic.

        If oats is not there in your daily food list that you eat then please I highly recommend to add oats as it keeps our heart safe from many diseases reduces cholestrol . we all know many are dying because of heart diseases. So I think it will be highly helpful.and yeah some might not like eating non-veg then this oat protein is going to help you as world health organisation has also certified this.


Well I like oats which will be served with fruits as they taste delicious.

So here is my recipient that I follow everyday its so short and easy..

Small cup of oats

Milk -1/2 cup

Honey -2spoons

Boil oats in milk take it into a bowl and add honey to it and fruits that you love.

      So this is my healthy recipe.

Beauty tip

       Some might be thinking what is it.

Well , who don’t like smooth and glowing face. If you are also willing for this then this tip is for you .
When you boil oats in milk take some part of the mixture into a separate bowl. Wash your face with lukewarm water. Let it dry and now apply this mixture like a pack . after few minutes wash your face that’s it . it is highly helpful for those who are suffering with blackheads or rashes.

     So this is all about my favorite breakfast. If you like this post then don’t forget to give thumb’s up for this and yeah if you have more tips then just comment below…

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Lovable place…. With yummy food…

hello my lovely friends…

           How are you doing ? I am in love with a place and i want to share them with you all .so don’t you love chocolates and cheese dishes ? And if those dishes has influence from French , German and Italian sounds good, right? So I think a lot of you has already guessed and ready with the name and it is… Switzerland….. 🙂 these food dishes  are simple and so tasty as it is historically the land of farmers. 

                  I will share the beautiful places in switzerland but I am really in love with the food items . 

    So here are the dishes that I want to share..

       Let’s get to know them one after the other.

  1. Fondue : this is one of the favorite dish to most kf the people in switzerland. It is a swiss dish of melted cheese in a communal pot over a chafling stand with a candle / spirit lamp, eaten by dripping bread into the cheese. We can replace cheese with chocolate/oil. I love the cheese and chocolate Fondue’s.
  2. Raclette : we know that cheese is famous in switzerland. So raclette is cow milk cheese. Which takes some time to melt and it’s used along with most of the dishes. 
  3. Rosti : potato is my favorite vegetable. I think most of you too love this one. So rosti contains mainly of potatoes. It is served to accompany other dishes or   as a side dish with bacon spinatund spigelei.
  4. Bircher muesli : oats is one of the food item that is on our diet list. If that is served in a tasty and healthy way then every one loves it . so this dish is diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables served with milk, coffee, water, fruit juice.
  5. Bundner nusstorte : it is also called engadiner nussorte. It is a traditional sweet . caramelised not filled pastry , it is from graubunden in switzerland.
  6. Zopf : now another food item  that is part of daily diet is bread. If it is prepared with white flour , milk , eggs , butter and yeast quite yummy right . so the dough is brushed with egg yolk before baking and lending  its golden crust.
  7. Switzerland chocolates : we all love swiss chocolates they are really yummy in taste. 

                   Again I will post some of the other famous dishes in switzerland. If you love these dishes then don’t forget to give a thumb’s up for this post.

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Siri 🙂

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Sicilian food …

Hello my lovely friends…
    Yesterday it’s about fashion trends of Sicily and today I am going to share yummy food items in Sicily..  I am quite foodie but in limited amount I eat…. As health is wealth 🙂 
      At the first sight of food varieties in Sicily, I have fallen in love with these food items…. Here we go…. 🙂
   Quite delicious food in Sicily and it will be served during easter…


2. Pasta alla Norma
  Are you a pasta lover like me then definitely try this… 
Here comes the popular pasta dish from eastern Sicily. Contains tomatoes , eggplant, basil and ricotta salata


3.Spaghetti ai ricci
      Sicily is famous for its fish dishes… This is one of the great dish out there


4.Involtini Siciliani
        Rolls… Who don’t like them and in Sicily this is one of the famous roll dish made up of veal with onions , tomatoes , raisines and pine nuts ….


5. Tiramisu
     Don’t you like to have desert with your food . here comes one of the famous coffee flavored Italian desert


6. Cannoli
       You all must be thinking where the famous cannoli is…. It’s here… It is made up of fried dough that gets filled with sweetened ricotta and often topped of with candied fruit and chocolate chips


7.  Pane e panelle
It is the favourite street food similar to burger or sandwich . panelle or chick pea fritters are served between bread…


8. Pastiera
    This is also the favorite food that is eaten at easter…. It is made up of wheat, eggs, ricotta cheese, flavored orange water


9. Sfincione
Now I am asking a funny question… Don’t you guys like pizza… Most of you like right… So, here it is Sicilian pizza which is more delicious then pizza … 
    Made up of dough which is spongy and the topping include onions, caciocavallo cheese, bread crumbs and olive oil….


10. Caponata
   Salad…. I know we all tried many salads . and they are healthy …. I like the sweet and sour taste…. So here in Sicily this is a sweet and sour salad…. Yummy…


11.Granita alla menta 
   So here is the last one granitta …. Refreshing drink …. 
     It is just grounded ice with sugar and fresh fruit or mint …. 
    Really it’s a refreshing juice …


   Okay friends… So are you all enjoyed with these yummy dishes …. I hope you like them…. These are some of my favorite dishes in sicily . if you want the recipes or more famous dishes from scicily of these then just like and comment below … I will be happy to share them with you all… 🙂
    Thank you…
With love….
Siri… 🙂