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           How are you doing ? I am in love with a place and i want to share them with you all .so don’t you love chocolates and cheese dishes ? And if those dishes has influence from French , German and Italian sounds good, right? So I think a lot of you has already guessed and ready with the name and it is… Switzerland….. 🙂 these food dishes  are simple and so tasty as it is historically the land of farmers. 

                  I will share the beautiful places in switzerland but I am really in love with the food items . 

    So here are the dishes that I want to share..

       Let’s get to know them one after the other.

  1. Fondue : this is one of the favorite dish to most kf the people in switzerland. It is a swiss dish of melted cheese in a communal pot over a chafling stand with a candle / spirit lamp, eaten by dripping bread into the cheese. We can replace cheese with chocolate/oil. I love the cheese and chocolate Fondue’s.
  2. Raclette : we know that cheese is famous in switzerland. So raclette is cow milk cheese. Which takes some time to melt and it’s used along with most of the dishes. 
  3. Rosti : potato is my favorite vegetable. I think most of you too love this one. So rosti contains mainly of potatoes. It is served to accompany other dishes or   as a side dish with bacon spinatund spigelei.
  4. Bircher muesli : oats is one of the food item that is on our diet list. If that is served in a tasty and healthy way then every one loves it . so this dish is diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables served with milk, coffee, water, fruit juice.
  5. Bundner nusstorte : it is also called engadiner nussorte. It is a traditional sweet . caramelised not filled pastry , it is from graubunden in switzerland.
  6. Zopf : now another food item  that is part of daily diet is bread. If it is prepared with white flour , milk , eggs , butter and yeast quite yummy right . so the dough is brushed with egg yolk before baking and lending  its golden crust.
  7. Switzerland chocolates : we all love swiss chocolates they are really yummy in taste. 

                   Again I will post some of the other famous dishes in switzerland. If you love these dishes then don’t forget to give a thumb’s up for this post.

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grand hotel villa igea

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wishing you a good day….  Sicilian hotel igea… is really awesome as by seeing it’s pool side view i think most of us will be in love with it…

   in summers we will really enjoy this place. if you want to plan a royal wedding in sicily this is one of the best hotel… it’s service is also good… and you know what there are water games too.. if you are a person who enjoys the water games definitely give a check in it…
   so let’s watch  and enjoy the pictures of this beautiful hotel….
  welcome…. 🙂

Palermo… welcome
grand hotel villa igea
grand hotel villa igea sea breeze
pool side
interior grand villa
villa bed room
5 star room
salone basile



      hope you enjoyed this …. 
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Sicilian trends 2016

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    As i said that i will be sharing this week about Sicily…. the beautiful place in Italy. As i have read about sicily and have seen the beautiful pictures i feel amazed …. 🙂

                       as fashion and style is the first thing that gets in my mind ….. just kidding 🙂 .so here are the dresses that i am absolutely in love with. as they are so cool and trendy.it’s just like you can feel comfortable….

summer 1

beat the summer with awesome dress

autumn or winter look 1

lovely printed dress for winter

summer and spring 1

floral dress this summer and spring

printed candy dress

spring magic with yellow and black

     these are some of the awesome dresses that i have seen.
there are more if you guys like these and want to see more then just like and comment below 🙂

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Sicily tour …

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       today i am going to share about one of the most beautiful place Sicily…
still i am working on the posts but as soon as i am ready with the  designer fashion trends,Sicilian views ,interior designs,festivals,yummy delicious foods in Sicily ….i will post them
   but right now guys i am in love with this place….
hope you’re going to enjoy these posts
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